Oru am Sudá

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Cercado de Loucuras - 1998/2003/2014

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In 1998, Oru presented in his exhibition PARCERIAS your relation paintings with the authentic engraving by Candido Portinari, "O Homem à Janela", made to cover the first edition of "O Alienista" of Machado de Assis and which is seen in the center of this Visual Unit, serving as original or initial element of Oru's work. This engraving reached the hands of Oru by Frau Nery, who exchanged it for a painting by Oru in 1998. In 2004, that Visual Unit - baptized by Oru as "Cercado de Loucuras" - was exposed with two more external works done by Oru. A Visual Unit with multiple dates and two non-contemporary authors.